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Nozomi wrinkled her nose at the smell of burnt pancakes and sighed dramatically.  "Not again...what am I doing wrong?!" Wrinkling her brow frustratedly she took the skillet from the stove and dumped it's contents into the trash before depositing the hot dish into the sink.  

“Man, that’s the third batch this morning and I still can’t get it to work!” The brunette took a seat at the kitchen table, hanging her head in defeat.  “I think there must be a higher power at work here…I’m obviously not meant to master this.”  

It had been nearly three years since Nozomi had come to live with Naruto, and while she loved ramen every bit as much as he did, she’d realized they needed to broaden their horizons, so her cooking journey had begun.  In the beginning meals came out charred and inedible more often than not.  What discouraged her more so, was that for every experiment she concocted in the kitchen, their Ichiraku runs seemed to double.  She was on the brink of giving up when Akimichi Chouji showed up and offered to help her.  His only condition was that she let him taste everything she made.  “This is for Naruto, so it’s gotta be perfect, and who else do you know that can pinpoint such perfection?” His argument had been convincing enough, and the desperate brunette had agreed, albeit reluctantly.  In the end, she was pleasantly surprised to learn that Chouji wasn’t only good at packing away large meals- he was good at preparing them too!  It had taken a lot of trial and error but thanks to his willingness to smile through her multiple failures, Nozomi had become a rather decent cook.

The brunette scoffed, glancing at the handle sticking out of the sink.  Still, for some reason, she’d never been able to figure out pancakes.  They either ended up burning or exploding in her face and making a big, gooey mess.  Could pancakes even explode?  While Nozomi had her doubts she firmly believed that she possessed the...unique ability to make pancake batter detonate at will.  

‘Huh, I bet even Deidara couldn’t do THAT one.’ She thought, a wry smirk on her face as she got up and went over to the refrigerator, opening the door and peeking inside at its contents.  There wasn’t much to offer; just a carton of eggs and a single loaf of bread.  Still…

“It’ll have to do.” She mumbled, taking the bread and eggs out.  She took out four slices of bread and stuck them in the toaster before getting another pan and putting it on the stove.  She then took an egg out of the carton, cracking it and letting its yolk spill out onto the pan as she turned on the burner.  Within seconds, the small kitchen warmed up, the sizzle of the egg breaking the otherwise dead silence in the house.  

Nozomi took a deep breath and smiled with relief.  Eggs were one thing she’d had little trouble cooking, mostly because they were so easy.  Especially sunny side up eggs, which she’d learned were her fiance’s favorite.   Grabbing a spatula, she slipped it underneath the perfect white egg and flipped it once, watching it carefully.  Once the center had turned a satisfyingly vibrant yellow, the brunette removed it from the pan, cracking another egg on its surface as she placed the finished one on a plate.  A couple of minutes later, she scooped it onto the plate and turned off the stove, shifting her gaze to the toaster before she put away the remaining bread and eggs and took out the butter.  She had just grabbed a butter knife when the toaster made a noise and four perfectly toasted slices of bread emerged from its interior.  As she was reaching for them, however, a chakra signature flared up, grabbing her attention and she glanced back at the doorway, relieved to see nobody there.  Still, she reminded herself that she needed to hurry.  If Naruto’s chakra was becoming active already that meant he was stirring.  She couldn’t afford to waste anymore time.   For a brief moment, she considered creating a clone to help her, but she quickly abandoned the idea.  Such an action would make her own chakra flare up, which might jolt him awake.  

The brunette cursed herself for wasting so much time trying to make pancakes as she opened the butter, taking a generous amount of it onto her knife and gliding it across the bread at a breakneck speed.  A couple minutes later, she lay the knife down, setting the fully buttered toast on another plate beside the eggs.  She’d done it, and just in time it seemed, because as she put the butter away she felt another spike in her fiance’s chakra.  Knowing that she was running out of time, she put the two plates on a tray, along with a glass of orange juice and hurried down the hallway.


When Nozomi poked her head into the bedroom she was greeted by the sight of a still sleeping Naruto.  She walked in cautiously, keeping her footsteps feather light as she put her tray down on the nightstand beside the bed.   For a minute, the cat girl simply stood there, watching the sleeping form of her beloved.  He looked so sweet in his sleep, and she couldn’t bring herself to wake him up yet.  

‘I’ll wake him after I get ready.’  She promised herself and was turning to leave when a gentle brush of knuckles against her fingertips brought her attention back to the bed where a barely awake blond smiled sleepily at her.  “Nozomi…?  What are you doing up?  It’s only...”  He squinted his eyes, glancing at the nightstand, his eyes opening wider when he didn’t see his clock, but a small breakfast neatly laid out on a tray.  “...What’s this..”

Nozomi giggled at his sleep enhanced confusion and shrugged, stepping away from the bed.  “It’s for you, silly!  I hope you enjoy it.”  Turning to leave, she was stopped yet again when his hand closed gently around her small wrist, and she glanced back, surprised to see he had gotten up and was standing right behind her.

“You made this for me?” His tone was unreadable, as was his expression until she nodded, and his face melted into a warm smile.  “Thanks, Nozomi!  That means a lot to me!”  He leaned forward and captured her lips in a chaste kiss that made her head feel fuzzy and left her wanting more when he pulled back.  After all this time he still managed to render her speechless with the simplest of things.  

The blond laughed as he registered the dreamy look on her face and motioned to the bed.  “You wanna join me?  There’s more than enough to share, you know!”

The idea of laying back down was tempting- SO tempting, but Nozomi politely refused, moving out of his grasp.  “Thanks, but I’m not really hungry right now.” she glanced over her shoulder at the door anxiously.  “I’m actually going to go take a shower.  It’ll just be a few minutes, so you just relax here.  I’ll be listening in case you need anything!”

“Um….okay…” Naruto watched, confused as the brunette turned and hurried out of the room.  What was going on to make her seem so..jumpy?  He figured he’d ask later.  For now… He turned his attention to the feast she’d laid out for him and grinned, picking up a piece of toast cheerfully.  “Itadakimasu!”


Naruto looked at the empty plates in front of him as he gulped down the last bit of his orange juice.   He really had to thank Chouji for helping his fiancee- she had come a long way since the last time she’d made him breakfast.  

That time he’d been greeted by slightly charred bacon and eggs forced into a happy face, as if their presentation would make it easier to eat such poorly made food.  He had, of course, eaten every bite of it, insisting it wasn’t terrible while the brunette sat crying at the table, unable to look at him as she argued he was only saying that to make her feel better.  If the truth were to be told, she was right; the food hadn’t been great at all, but Naruto had wanted to be supportive, even if it meant a belly ache later.  This time around, he’d eaten her meal with gusto, a delighted groan escaping him as the flavors invaded his mouth, putting his taste buds in such a bliss that he’d been sad when he finished.  

He licked his lips as he realized he was still thirsty.  The boy was about to get up when he remembered Nozomi’s strange request that he stay in bed, and he sat back, calling out.  “Hey, Nozo!  Can I have some more orange juice?”

There was a long silence and he frowned as he heard nothing; no response, no footsteps in the hallway.  Had she not heard him?  It was highly unlikely, with the ears she possessed her sense of hearing was extremely sensitive.  So...what was she ignoring him for?

Naruto pouted before cupping his hands around his mouth like a megaphone and calling out again.  “Breakfast was great!  Can I please have some more juice?  Nozo-chan!”

After a few minutes he heard the click of a door, followed by the unmistakable patter of footsteps in the hallway and he relaxed.  Maybe she really hadn’t heard him the first time.   Oh well, he wouldn’t hold it against her or anything.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“It’s okay, I didn’t mean to yell. Anyways, can you get me some more juice-”

Naruto's eyes widened and he dropped the empty glass back onto the tray, his jaw nearly hitting his lap as he took in the full appearance of the brunette standing in the doorway.  

Her waist length locks of hair were curled slightly, and bounced with even the slightest bit of movement.  The single strand of hair that normally hung in her face was clipped back by a shimmery green barrette.  

Her cheeks were even rosier than usual, and her eyelashes were thick and dark, leading Naruto to believe she was wearing make up.  However, as amazing as all of that was, what his eyes were really stuck on was her clothing -or lack thereof.  

A dark blush rose to his cheeks as his gaze swept over her form, top to bottom.  Aside from the bell she wore around her neck, she was clad in nothing but two strips of large, satin orange ribbon.  One strip was wrapped tightly around her breasts, tied in an elegant bow that just barely concealed the mounds of flesh.  The second strip had been wound around her hips multiple times, resembling a pair of makeshift underwear.  Like the top ribbon it was also held together with a bow at the center, tauntingly.   Naruto swallowed thickly, his tongue suddenly feeling as if it was coated with a heavy layer of sawdust.

"Is something wrong, Naruto-kun?" The brunette's golden eyes shone with curiosity as she approached the bed.

Just like that, the blond became aware of a painful throbbing below and he blushed darker, giving a sheepish smile to the confused looking girl.  "Uh, nothing's wrong at all, thanks for breakfast!  I gotta go to the bathroom, be right back!!"  Before anything could be said, he jumped up from the bed, covering the bulge in his pants and ran out of the room.


Safely behind the bathroom door, Naruto took a deep breath, staring at his reflection in the mirror.   "Okay, Naruto, calm down.  You know that wasn't real, you just imagined it.  There must have been something weird in those eggs that's making you hallucinate.  Breathe!"  

Taking a deep breath, the blond exhaled slowly, watching the Naruto in the mirror mimic his actions.  He turned on the sink and splashed some cold water on his face.  After a few minutes, the pressure down below died down, the water having done its job and he sighed with relief.  "Well I'm glad THAT'S over!" He turned off the light and made his way back down the hallway.  

"Wait'll I tell Nozo what I thought I saw, she'll probably get all flustered and-" the blond reached his room and stopped dead in his tracks, gawking -"...feisty..."

There, perched on the foot of his bed was the same illusion his mind had conjured moments before, only this time she wore a devious grin.  “Feeling better, Naruto-kun?” She asked knowingly and the blond groaned inwardly as the tightness in his pants returned full force.  

“This...this isn’t happening.” he mumbled, covering his eyes while he took a shaky step back towards the hall.  His mind was a whirlwind of confusion, and, while he was hesitant to acknowledge it, arousal.  Even though she’d gotten more in touch with her affectionate side, she was still careful about how far their little sessions went- usually he was lucky if she let him touch her breast, let alone see her with so little on!  What the heck was going on with his fiancee to do something so completely out of character?!  

The young man gulped audibly as he once again locked stares with the brunette from across the room.  The way she was eyeing him made him more than a little self conscious, as if she were a predator stalking their kill.   The longer her gaze was on him, the more jumpy he began to feel and the blond took a few clumsy steps backwards, hitting his shoulder on the door frame.  

“Naruto-kun, come on.  What’s going on?” Nozomi’s voice cut into his thoughts and before he could stop to think, he bristled, pointing at the young woman.

“That’s what I should be asking you!  What the hell’s gotten into you, Nozomi?!” He grimaced as he heard the words leave his mouth, knowing it was already too late to say anything else.

“...What do you mean?” Yellow eyes narrowed suspiciously, making Nozomi look even more like a feline than normal, and her mouth turned downwards slightly.

“What do I mean?!” Naruto stared at her incredulously before blurting out, “Why’re you dressed like that?!”  He coughed awkwardly, muttering to himself.  “Well...more know…” Even with his blue eyes trained on the floor, he could feel her gaze burning holes into him.  He knew she was smiling even before he heard the soft peals of laughter.  “Hey it’s not funny!” he grumbled.

“Oh, but I find it amusing nonetheless.”  He could practically hear the smirk in her voice, and for some reason it only added to the tension he was feeling.   “Is there something wrong with what I’m wearing…?”

“Damn right, there is!”  Naruto’s head shot up and he scowled at her.  “How on earth do you expect me to act normal when you strut in like that, practically nake--”  

The rest of his words died on his tongue as he noticed the gleam in her eye, and he realized belatedly that he’d walked into a trap.  

“Ohh, I see…..poor little Naruto’s getting all hot and bothered because he wants to touch and can’t, huh?  Well, what if I said that just for today, you don’t have to behave?” Her eyes glowed with an intense desire that Naruto had never seen in all their years together, and for just a minute he actually considered her offer, a slow smile finding its way onto his lips.  

This was certainly a rare chance he was being afforded.  If memory served him correctly, this had only ever happened once, years ago. Nothing had happened back then, because he’d realized she was under the influence of catnip and decided he’d best not go so far with a girl who’d try to put him in an early grave when she came to her senses.   Things had been kind of awkward between them once she’d snapped out of it, but they’d agreed that she was not to have catnip again.  

His eyes widened at the thought, and he gazed back at Nozomi, trying to keep his voice from shaking as he spoke.  “ didn’t have catnip by any chance, did you?”

To his surprise the brunette shook her head in response.  “Of course not, Naruto.  We agreed I wouldn’t, remember?”

“Er...yeah..” The blond frowned and glanced back toward the hallway.  “Well, I think I’m gonna go shower or...something.” He mumbled softly, starting to turn away.

“Aww, you don’t wanna play with your kitty then?  We could always shower later on.”

At that, Naruto froze and stood, rooted to his spot as the cat girl climbed off the mattress, moving deliberately slow, giving him a good view of her curves.  

“Neh, Naruto, you didn’t answer me earlier..” Her voice came out lower than usual as she casually moved closer to him.  “Do you not like it?”  

The blond gulped loudly, trying not to focus on the sway of her hips, or how with each step she took that bottom ribbon seemed to loosen just a little more.  Unable to tear his eyes from the tantalizing piece of satin, Naruto felt as helpless as a fish out of water, gasping desperately for air.  

“So DO like it.” Nozomi giggled, observing how his blush had spread to the tip of his ears and she stepped into his personal space, beaming up at him.

The room suddenly felt stuffy, and he found himself tugging at the collar of his orange t-shirt.   Oh, how he wished things were normal right now, cause then he could just take off the sweaty shirt and that’d be that!  

..Then again, if things were normal he wouldn’t be feeling so flustered to begin with.

“Why don’t you just take it off?”  The brunette purred, gripping the hem of his shirt.  “I’d be happy to help you.”

Naruto opened his mouth to protest but nothing came out as a strange sensation overcame him and he moaned.  “Auugh!  Nozomi!”

The cat girl said nothing as she gave his ear an experimental lick, and when he groaned she smirked, sucking it into her mouth and wrapping her tongue around it.  

“W-whoa--Nozo-!” Naruto gasped as he felt the tips of her teeth graze across his earlobe and moaned.  For some reason, even though she had released him from her Baku Mimi-O Jutsu years ago, his ears had remained super sensitive not only to sounds but to touch as well.   Unfortunately, his fiancee seemed to have caught onto this fact.

A soft snicker escaped Nozomi’s lips as she released his ear and blew in it hotly, grinning at the way he squirmed in response.  “Oh come on...why’re you holding back?”  She pulled away for a moment and Naruto shuddered at the loss of contact.  

Before he could move, however, her hands were on his back, drawing up his shirt slowly, her nails scraping lightly along his spine up to his shoulders, where she pulled the orange garment over his head.

The feeling of her nails on his skin was almost too much for Naruto, and he felt his knees begin to buckle.  It was only when she jerked the shirt over his head that he finally lost his balance and tumbled gracelessly onto his stomach with an “Oof!”, moaning as he landed painfully on his erection.

Putting a hand to his head, Naruto looked up expectantly, awaiting her flustered apology.  Only there was none.  There was no hand offering to help him up, and there certainly was no flustered cat girl kneeling before him to make sure he wasn’t hurt.   In fact, Naruto couldn’t even sense her, aside from the obvious chakra signature, and the occasional tinkle of her bell.  He was beginning to feel anxious.  What was she up to?

He got his answer as the brunette climbed on top of him, straddling his hips.  Before he could even ask what she was doing, her lips were on his skin, pressing soft, teasing butterfly kisses against his muscular shoulders, which in turn made him shiver involuntarily.  The brunette smirked against his skin as she felt his muscles tense up and she continued her way down his spine, her embrace making his skin feel like it was on fire.  

At last Nozomi reached the slight dip of his waist and she grinned, hooking a finger in the waistband of his pants teasingly.  Then, oh so carefully she lifted his hips enough to slip the pants down his waist so that his boxers were exposed before leaning in and touching her nose to the base of his spine, where his tail had once been.  

What happened next, Naruto was completely unprepared for, as the sensation of a rough, wet tongue ran up his back, then made its way back to the base of his spine.  He inhaled sharply, a chill racing through his body as that same tongue proceeded to lick patterns into his skin, soon replaced by the brunette’s mouth as she kissed him roughly, sucking long enough to leave a mark.  

The boy growled in approval, groaning as her teeth brushed against his spine.  Apparently, her jutsu had made his tailbone extra sensitive too, and whether she knew or not, Nozomi was taking serious advantage of it!  

Cat ears perked up as the resistance slowly left his body, his muscles loosening as he relaxed onto the floor. Nozomi grinned and lifted her head, emitting a disapproving moan from the man beneath her and she giggled.  “Not that I’m uncomfortable here, but would you like to maybe take this to the bed?” she asked innocently.

Something in her voice set a fire in Naruto’s belly and he nodded, grunting as she climbed off of him and helped him to his feet.  Why was he even fighting her again?  In the midst of his daze he remembered vaguely that she’d wanted to wait for marriage.  Yet, here they were going on nearly three years living under the same roof.  Had time changed how she felt about the matter?  He decided he needed to know before anything happened.   Better to clear all confusion before doing something she may not truly be okay with.

Naruto watched as she sprawled out on the mattress and gazed up at him, her eyes clearly urging him to follow her lead.  When she saw the hesitation back in his eyes, she frowned, knitting her brows together in annoyance.  “What’s wrong now?”

“Nothing, just--” Naruto paused, tearing his eyes from the floor to look her in the eyes.  It was no secret how badly he had wanted this with her, but…

Swallowing hard, he asked the question that was plaguing his mind.  “Nozo-chan, are you sure…? I’m fine with waiting until we’re married.”  He broke off, afraid his voice would crack under the pressure of all he was feeling in the moment

There was a long pause before the brunette spoke, her voice soft and strained.  “Really?  Well...that’s great...”

Naruto smiled, disappointment shining in his eyes.  He’d been right.  She was just forcing herself to try to please him. “That’s what I thought...come on, then.”  Heaving a soft sigh, he held out his hand to help her up.   His face warped into surprise, however, as she took his hand and jerked him down on top of her.  

“Nozomi, what gives?!” the spiky haired blond demanded, bewildered.  A trickle of sweat rolled off his cheek as he fought to maintain his composure while he stared into her yellow eyes.

The brunette gave him a devious smile, her eyes narrowing slightly.  “Naruto, I know you.  You’re just saying that because you're worried about my feelings and I appreciate that’s time for you to do what you want to do for once.  Besides,”  Her eyes softened, a blush rising into her already rosy cheeks as she gave him a sheepish smile.  “I don’t want to wait.  I can’t lose you again.”

Her words surprised him, and Naruto frowned, giving the brunette a worried look.  Years had passed since the Fourth Great Ninja War, but she still had yet to recover from the traumatic events that had occurred. Watching Kurama get sucked out of him, taking his life away in the process. Holding him closer than ever, struggling to keep it together while Sakura fought to keep his heart beating.  It had all been a life shattering experience for her, he knew it.  Since then, she’d been super hesitant to let him out of her sight and always made sure they were touching, whether it was holding hands or full on cuddling and making out.  While he appreciated this new side of her, Naruto also knew it had been born from fear of losing him, and for that he felt guilty.

Gently reaching out with his good arm, he stroked the cat girl’s cheek softly, smiling warmly at her.  “ know nothing can make me leave you.  We’re gonna be together forever.”  He paused, thinking his words over carefully before he continued.  “If this is really what you want I won’t fight you.  I just want to make sure cause once we start I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop--”

“For Kami’s sake, Naruto just get on with it already!” Nozomi cut him off impatiently, gripping his shoulders for support as she sat up slightly, pressing her lips fiercely against his.

A sly smirk played at Naruto’s lips at the brunette's behavior and he leaned forward, pressing his full weight against her as he returned her embrace.   Blond eyebrows rose in amusement as her hands gripped the hem of his boxers. ‘Wow.  Impatient, much?’

Confident that she did, in fact want this, he prepared to surrender to his darkest desires.  As much as his body was aching for him to get a move on, he wanted their first time to be special, and for that to happen she couldn’t be allowed to continue like she was.  Breaking the kiss, Naruto grabbed her hands and pinned them on either side of her head.  

“Naruto?” Her tone was soft and unsure, the polar opposite of the girl who’d demanded his affection just seconds before.  The blond snickered at the surprised expression on her face.

“What’s the matter?  You want this, don’t you?”  When the brunette gave a steady nod, her eyes still wide as saucers, he frowned, raising an eyebrow.  “What happened to the super seductive, confident Nozomi that dragged me over here?”

“Oh, that…” The brunette flashed a toothy little grin at him, blushing faintly.  “I...uh….didn’t this I don’t know what to do from here.”

There was a long silence as Naruto stared at her, perplexed.  “What are you talking about?”

A dark blush flooded Nozomi’s face and she swallowed hard, laughing shakily.  “Well...I knew I was going to do this for you for a while so I got contraception shots months in advance...but I still had no idea how to go about doing this so,…borrowed Kakashi-sensei’s book.”

“You stole Kakashi-sensei’s pervy book?!” Naruto interrupted, eyes wide at the thought and Nozomi nodded sheepishly, laughing awkwardly.

“....I only kept it for a while cause it was hard to read-- it’s TOO descriptive and gross so I didn’t read very far but...I wanted to make this special so I skimmed as much as I could stomach.”  She shrugged, visibly deflating.  “Only now I wish I’d forced myself to read more because I’m at a loss and I just...”  She broke off, sighing heavily and looked away, her face as red as a tomato.

As everything she’d said sunk in for him,  Naruto gazed at her in awe.  She’d gotten preventive shots...and even read porn. He’d never expected her to go so far for him and even though her act earlier had been...well, and act...he was touched.  Leaning in until their noses were touching, he gave her a warm smile.  “Man, you really had this planned out, didn’t you?”  He grinned, kissing the tip of her nose and laughing a little when her blush darkened.  “It’s okay if you don’t know how to behave now cause...I don’t either.  I guess we’ll just do whatever feels natural.  So...don’t try to be somebody you’re not.  Just be Nozomi, okay?  That’s all I want.”  

“I just wanted to make our first time amazing..” The brunette inhaled softly, sighing in relief and gave a small, barely noticeable nod.  “Okay…I guess we’ll learn together then.”

Naruto’s smile widened at her words as he pulled back and took a deep breath, trying to calm his racing heart.   It was still hard to believe that this girl was the same stubborn cat he’d had to drag back, kicking and screaming through the village gates when they were kids.  How time had changed things...Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Naruto’s eyes wandered to the two strips of orange satin, that were hiding her body from him.  Deciding to start at the top, he reached out, gripping the end of the pretty bow in one hand.  


His hand stilled as he glanced up, locking eyes with a timid looking Nozomi and his heart sank.  Was she going to back out after all this?  “What is it?” He asked, bracing himself for what he figured would be disappointment.

“...I’m a little scared.” Came the reply, so quiet he almost missed it.

Closing his eyes, the blond sighed softly.  “...Do you want me to stop then?”

“No.  I want to do this, I’m just afraid it’s going to hurt.”

His eyes opened in surprise as he realized she wasn’t trying to stop him, she was actually confiding in him and he gave her a soft smile.  “Well...I can’t promise you it won’t hurt a little..but I’ll be as gentle as I can -- and if you need me to stop for a minute I will.  Okay?”

His heart did a flip when the brunette’s lips twitched into their own version of his smile, the fear fading from her eyes as she gave a small nod.  “Okay, Naruto.  I trust you.” She let herself relax fully against the mattress, keeping her loving eyes trained on him.  “I’m ready.”

Taking that as his cue, Naruto undid the loosely tied bow and unraveled the fabric until all that was there were her breasts.  Leaning back, he gave her a thorough look over, smirking slightly at the way her breathing quickened in response.  Was she really worried about how she looked?  

For a few seconds he simply stared, enchanted.  Her breasts weren’t overly large, but they also weren’t small;  they were medium sized and absolutely perfect in his opinion.  

The silence around them seemed to intimidate the girl beneath him and he frowned as she tried to cover the upper half of her body with one hand.  He intervened, casually taking her hand in his own and gave her a reassuring smile.  “Nozomi, don’t.  You’re so beautiful.” He breathed, his voice just above a whisper.

Her eyes widened, and he repinned her hand by her head before he leaned down to kiss her lips.  Not giving her a chance to reciprocate, he moved to her jawline, kissing down her chin and along her neck, stopping only to suck on her pulse point.  When a reddish mark began to materialize, he moved on, peppering her collarbone with teasingly soft kisses, smiling when his nose bumped into the silver bell at the base of her neck. Determined to taste every inch of skin, he then trailed along her shoulders, kissing every inch of them.  

Feeling the brunette shudder with anticipation, he grinned and moved up, giving her a chaste kiss on the lips once more.  “Nozomi...I don’t know how long I'll last..but I want to make you feel good.”

When she said nothing, merely eyeing him curiously, he lowered his mouth down to her chest and used his tongue to outline the delicate valley between her breasts.  The cat girl shivered beneath him and he began to kiss circles around her left breast, taking her hard nipple into his mouth and giving the sensitive skin an experimental nibble.

Nozomi bit back a gasp, arching her back in response, pushing herself against his mouth further and he smirked, wrapping his tongue around the rosy bud and sucking with the vigor of a newborn.  The brunette screamed in response, jumping at the sensation and moaning.  

Her cries and soft gasps were like music to his ears - music Naruto didn’t want to stop hearing.  After a few more long seconds of teasing her reddened nipple, he released it from his mouth and moved to her other breast, mimicking his previous actions.  

Once Naruto was satisfied with his work, he traveled lower, kissing her abdomen, all the way to her belly button, a spot he quickly realized was ticklish.  Filing that information away for the future, he rubbed the bottom of the remaining ribbon experimentally, smirking when he heard a gasp.  Deciding that he wanted to hear more of the music only Nozomi was capable of, he lowered his face down to the orange satin, taking the end of the ribbon in his mouth and gave a tug.  Instantly, the slippery material slid out of its tie, falling loosely atop its prize and he used his mouth to pull it the rest of the way off, his lips brushing her inner thigh in the process.  This made him groan as his boxers grew uncomfortably tight, but he pressed on determinedly.   He gazed down at the patch of dark hairs, trailing his fingers through them until he reached her core.  Nozomi’s soft whimpers urged him to keep going, and he slowly slipped his index finger into her slit, gasping as her walls tightened on contact, threatening to smash his digit.  Wiggling his finger to ward off the defensive flesh, Naruto suppressed a laugh as the brunette’s body went rigid and she gasped loudly, crying out incoherently.  

It was getting even harder for him to focus as the throbbing in his lower region intensified, and he gritted his teeth, slipping his middle finger in and scissoring the two fingers inside of her.  Her reaction was nothing less than what he’d hoped for, as she screamed again, clutching the sheets so hard that Naruto was certain they’d need to be replaced later.  

“Naruto--!” The brunette gasped, panting hard as she grew more aroused with his every ministration.  “Please-!”

Naruto smirked as he realized just how wet she had become and withdrew his fingers, looking at her smugly.  “What is it, Nozo? Already had enough?”

“You know ‘what’!”  White fangs flashed dangerously as the cat girl narrowed her eyes at him, pouting.  “Stop teasing me already!”

“Alright, alright.” The blond held his hands up in surrender, jumping as something soft brushed against his backside.  “Nozomi...?”

It was Nozomi’s turn to smirk as the blond’s eyes traveled down and saw her tail gripping the waistband of his boxers. A blush crept into his cheeks as the furry appendage slipped between the cotton and his bare skin and she snickered.  “Better take these off before I do.”

"Okay, okay I'm taking them off-- hey!" The spiky haired blond gasped as his last remaining article of clothing was yanked down his hips, exposing his nakedness and he shivered.  "No-zo-chaaan!" He whined through gritted teeth, making the cat girl laugh.

"Sorry Naruto, you were taking too long." She flashed him a sneaky smile.  "Maybe this will make it up to you."

Naruto had opened his mouth to ask what "this" was, but shut it as he felt that same soft, tickling sensation surround his throbbing member, and he groaned in pleasure as it squeezed him, gently at first, but harder over time.   In the middle of a particularly drawn out moan he heard his fiancee giggle and he met her eyes, confused.  "I thought you didn't know how to act any further!"

The brunette gave another laugh and nodded sheepishly.  "I don't!   I'm just experimenting..but it seems like you like it, neh?"

Naruto gritted his teeth harder as the pressure down below loosened, nearly falling forward in shock when her tail slapped his behind, then gripped him around the balls.  Struggling not to lean forward, he gave the cat girl a playful glare.  "Pervert."

Nozomi raised an eyebrow at him, mischief glinting in her eyes.  “Oh, you know you LIKE it.” She teased, squeezing the boy’s sensitive manhood.  Something about the escalation of his moans both thrilled her and sent chills up her spine all at once.   She was determined to make him feel as tormented as he’d made her feel, so she continued teasing him, waiting for him to give in.  It didn’t take long.  After a couple minutes, the blond moaned loudly and his arms started to give out, causing him to fall face first into her chest.

“Nozomi, please…!”

“Please what, Naruto-kun?” The brunette purred deviously and shifted her attention to his scrotum, brushing her tail lightly over the swollen red tip.  “I can’t give what you won’t ask for.”

The spiky haired ninja groaned through tightly gritted teeth, his eyebrows knitting together in frustration.  “Nozomi, I get it, just stop!”

No sooner had the words left his mouth, then the fur that was taunting him moved away, and he sat back on his knees, frowning down at her with his arms folded.  “That was a dirty trick.”

A pink tongue stuck out at him defiantly from beneath a smirk. “Nobody ever said payback was a kind mistress.”

“Payback?” The blond’s brows furrowed as he sat back, thinking, and it dawned on him- she’d done this to get back at him for teasing her!  The pout on his face slowly dissolved into one of mischief and he rolled his eyes good naturedly.  “Whatever, Nozo.” He snickered, leaning forward and pinning her with his hands and knees, receiving a raised eyebrow in confusion.  “Anyways, if you wanna play revenge, I guess it’s MY turn.” He singsonged.

Narrowed, yellow eyes watched him suspiciously, waiting for his next move.  It didn’t take long to figure out what the boy was planning, as she felt a wet firmness against her slick folds of skin and she gasped sharply, feeling as if the wind had been knocked out of her.  “Naruto-kun?” She whispered, nervousness returning in a hurry.

A toothy smile was his response as he laughed sheepishly.  “Nozo….I don’t know if I can hold out any longer…?” His words came out a statement, but were laced with question and desire.

Nozomi swallowed hard, nodding slowly as her own body burned with desire.  “...Okay.” She said quietly, a drop of sweat trickling down her face in anticipation.

“...I’ll go slow.” The blond promised, positioning himself between her legs.  He watched the brunette brace herself, and when she nodded again, he slowly began to push himself into her, bracing a hand on each side of her shoulders to help himself balance.  

After a few seconds, he reached her barrier and he stilled as he felt her body go tense.  Forcing himself not to go any further, the whiskered boy gazed down into his fiancee’s eyes.  “Nozomi…are you...ready?”  

There was scrape of nails against his bare skin as Nozomi gripped his shoulders, which he took as the okay to continue, and he resumed, pushing forward slowly.  All the while, carefully watching his lover’s face for any signs of pain.  

After nearly a minute of careful prodding, he felt something give from within her, and he lurched forward with a gasp, burying himself completely inside of her.  Nozomi bit her lip, her eyes screwed shut tightly, but not quick enough to hide the tears, which the blond noticed.  He ceased all movement as he realized how shaky her breathing was and brought his hand to her cheek, wiping away a stray tear.  


She said nothing, but he could hear the strangled sob she was struggling to keep in and guilt flooded him.  “I-I’m so sorry I hurt you want me to stop?”

His was shocked when her legs wrapped around his waist, stopping him from pulling out of her, and he looked back down at the brunette, confused.  

The cat girl gave a soft sigh and shuddered as she opened her eyes, gazing up at him with love and compassion.  “It’s okay,” she rasped huskily, “just...please wait...until I’m ready to continue.  Okay?”

Understanding filled his eyes as he nodded, smiling tenderly at the brunette.  “Okay.”  Taking a deep breath, he lowered his mouth to her collarbone, pressing soft butterfly kisses to the sweat soaked skin and smiling to himself.  Only she could taste so well covered in sweat.  Slowly he made his way up her neck, paying special attention to the hickey he’d left earlier, delighting in how raw the soft skin felt between his lips.  There’d be no question who she belonged to with a mark like that...not that there’d ever been much of a question but he still liked to make sure people knew not to touch his things.  Soon he abandoned her neck as he reached her chin and he pulled back to look the woman in the eye.  

“Nozomi….you really are so amazing.” He beamed, watching the blush spread further over her face.  “I still can’t believe you’re mine…”

“Naruto.” The brunette croaked softly as her eyes filled with tears again, only this time they were purely from happiness.  “I’m not anything like what you’re saying-- YOU’RE the amazing one.  It’s because you were always there, never giving up on me that I was able to realize how much I needed you...I love you.”

A warm feeling flooded through Naruto’s body and he blushed faintly before leaning in and capturing her lips.  It was unlike their kisses of the past, which had been so rushed and desperate seeming.  Their mouths molded against one another slowly, gently, as if they had all the time in the world.  

After what had felt like ages, they pulled apart, and the room fell silent as they gazed fondly into each other’s eyes.  

“I love you too.” Naruto’s late reply came, breaking the silence, and Nozomi sighed happily, laying her head back on the mattress.

“Um...Naruto?”  He quirked an eyebrow in acknowledgement and she bit her lip shyly, one fang protruding from beneath her lip.  “...I’m ready.”  

“Oh..okay!” His eagerness made her blush a little harder and she snickered, looking away.  “Sheesh, Naruto…”

The blond gave a fox like smirk as he began to slowly move inside of her, marveling at the way she felt. Hot and kind of tight and just...even more perfect than he'd imagined she'd be. Slowly he pulled back and paused before pushing himself back in, groaning in pleasure as her walls tightened around his hardened cock once again.  Adrenaline flooded his entire being as he heard the humming sounds coming from his fiancee and he heard her gasp in a strangled voice, “Harder…!”

Happy to oblige, Naruto pulled back out and slammed himself back into her core, eliciting a scream of pleasure from the brunette.  Feeling his own excitement building, Naruto moaned in unison with her, pumping back and forth at a rapid pace.  

A light sheen of sweat covered the two of them as Nozomi began to lift her hips in rhythm with him, meeting him thrust for thrust and making him moan louder.  “Nnn--Nozomi!” The blond grunted loudly, burying his face in the crook between her neck and shoulder.

The brunette panted hard, feeling her heart racing in her rib cage hard, and moaned, bracing herself as her climax drew near.  Just a little further..

Naruto slowly lifted his head and pulled out of her burning body, eliciting protesting whimpers from the cat girl.  “Narutoooo..” She whined, her eyes questioning him.

A sly grin was plastered on his face and she blinked, curiosity getting the better of her.  “What are you thinking about…?” She ventured.

Slowly the devious grin faded from the man’s face and he looked at her thoughtfully, a blush coloring his tanned skin.  “...There’s something I want to try, if you’ll let me…” He said quietly.

Although a part of her was unnerved, the other part was super curious and it won over her anxiety as the brunette nodded slowly.  “Okay...what is it…?”

The blond’s face grew redder and he gulped slightly.  “ me help you then.”  Slowly he climbed off the confused brunette and helped her get onto her hands and knees.  

“What is this for?” She gave a confused tilt of her head, her black ears falling forward slightly in the process, her long, curled hair hanging to the side and Naruto groaned in appreciation, fighting to hold back the pressure he felt building in his groin.  

“You’ll see right now.” He ground out, knowing that if he didn’t do this now he’d run out of time.   The spiky haired blond crawled behind the cat girl and raised himself up on his knees.  Then, leaning forward he gripped her hips and pushed into her from behind, earning a loud gasp from the brunette.

It felt...different, taking her from behind, compared to how they’d just been.  Somehow she was even tighter.  Wiggling his hips in a slow, circular motion he gradually felt her hold on his member loosen, and soon he was able to move.  

Nozomi moaned at the sensation and arched her back, gripping the bed sheets for dear life.  This position, despite being pleasurable was harder for her to maintain, her legs threatening to slip out from under her at any moment as her knees slid against the sheets.

“Naruto--I’m gonna fall!!” She shrieked as one knee slipped out from beneath her and she prepared to faceplant on the bed.  Instead of falling, however, Naruto’s hands dropped to her thighs, helping her balance and she gave a relieved “thank you” over her shoulder, allowing herself to lose herself in the moment.

The room was filled with a mixture of strangled cries, gasps and moans of pleasure as Naruto moved, his pace more frantic than before, their current position only intensifying this dance of passion.  Gradually their breathing grew labored, their muscles aching from the prolonged act.  Both of them were getting tired but neither wanted to give in, no matter how ridiculous that was.  

Finally, Nozomi slid so she was laying on her forearms for support and buried her face in the bed, muffling a moan.   Of course, the padding could only drown out so much of the noise, and Naruto’s extra sensitive ears picked up on it, making him grit his teeth.

“N-Nozomi--!” He growled in a strained voice.  He clutched her bare thighs so hard her skin turned pink, his entire body going rigid as he reached his climax and emptied his seed inside of his lover.

A frantic sound that could pass for both a hiss and a purr left the brunette as she too reached her limit and she came with a shuddering gasp, collapsing onto her stomach and bringing Naruto down with her.  

For a moment, they stayed there, neither one caring to move.  Not even the added weight on her back from Naruto bothered Nozomi; she was enjoying his closeness as they bathed in the afterglow of what they'd just experienced.  After a long silence, the boy pulled out of her and rolled onto the bed beside her, pulling her flush against him.

Nozomi smiled lazily at the blond over her shoulder and turned her head, meeting him halfway in a kiss.  When they pulled apart, Nozomi glanced at the clock and smirked.

“Looks like it’s lunch time.   You wanna get some ramen?”

To her surprise the blond just hugged her tighter, laying back against the bed.  “Maybe later...right now I’m good.”   It was perhaps the first time he’d ever turned down going to Ichiraku’s, and Nozomi couldn’t help the way her mouth opened in surprise.

The blond gave a hearty laugh and kissed her cheek softly.  “We’ll go in a while okay?  Right now I just want to relax.”

The surprise on Nozomi’s face melted into a look of loving understanding and she leaned back against him happily, closing her eyes.  “Happy birthday, Naruto.”

Naruto’s eyes opened in surprise before fluttering closed lazily.  His birthday wasn’t until tomorrow, but he’d tell her later.  For now, he was content to spend the day with the girl he loved in his arms. Birthday or not, he couldn’t ask for a better gift than that.
NaruNozo Files- Birthday Treats [Rated M]
This is the mature NaruNozo oneshot I mentioned in my recent journal.  
This would be Nozomi's birthday present to Naruto, and is set two years after the fourth Ninja War.

If you don't like this kinda thing, don't read it.  I won't be offended as long as you won't judge me.

For anyone who does decide to read it, this is my first time writing any such thing like this so be gentle.  I tried to make this tasteful and I'm actually really proud of it. ;w; <3
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Long time!! :wave:
..Man, why do I always wait so long to do this...xD;  I can't BELIEVE my last journal was in February...SO many things have changed since and I'm gonna try to cover as much of it as quickly as possible cause I need to make an announcement as well ask a question.  So buckle your seat belts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride! |D

First and foremost, probably the biggest thing since my last update is that I have an official, honest to goodness job.  Not the dumb thing I posted about in my last entry, that ended up being something that would've worked better if I had money to invest all the time. xD;  No, as of April this year I have been working for Ross as a fitting room attendant!  It's been a crazy thing to get used to; I have to answer the phone, count clothing going into the fitting room and hand out a number to everyone going in, I have to unlock the restroom doors for people and..OH YEAH the biggest job.  I am in charge of hanging up all the rejected clothing on large racks called Z-racks and rolling everything back onto the sales floor and putting it away! I have a minimum of two racks to roll per shift and I often have to roll twice.  That's how crazy it gets.  I digress.  This job has worn me to the bone, and that is largely because I have been doing the closing shift, which is from 7pm until 12:30 am and sometimes I won't get home till close to 1 in the morning.  There's a pattern going honestly, where I have a headache the morning after my closing shifts and it's gotten to the point that I finally had to switch to day shift exclusively.  I'm starting that shift next week and it should be hecka interesting cause since April I've had to stay up till at least 1am and have become an insomniac...this will be hard to break. xD;

Anyways!  Why am I telling you all that?  Because I have not been active on here at ALL -No writing, no art, barely even replying to comments or notes- and I hate it.  I'm honestly hoping that being on a day schedule will help me have more energy to actually write and draw stuff again, and not be such a zombie when I AM online.  So to all my friends...please just bear with me a little longer.  I'm hopefully gonna get my butt in gear soon.

I actually HAVE done some sketching, but I held back from posting with high hopes of working on the pics with my tablet.  However, this work induced exhaustion has made me use almost all my free hours in the day sleeping so...nope.  So with that said, I want to know, would you guys want to see the sketches?  If so, would you prefer it to be one big file with all the sketches or just a big art dump of separate sketches?  I'd be happy to upload them individually, but only if it won't bother anyone.

That brings me to something important I wanted to address.  As you all may (or may not lol) know, I have been writing NaruNozo Files since 2009.  Over those years my thoughts and what I am comfortable with has changed drastically.  I have grown to be comfortable writing more grown up things, which is what I wanted to talk about.  I recently finished a NaruNozo oneshot. It is a mature fic...but cute as well, I think. xD  This was also my first time trying to write any such thing (unless you count that one catnip ficlet I did years back where nothing really happened lol) so I AM a little insecure here.  I'm extremely proud of how it came out but I don't want to post it here without some feedback from my readers.  I really don't want to be looked at differently or judged for writing this kinda if you would feel uncomfortable with my posting it please tell me...or let me know if you'd be okay with it being on here.  Please be honest, because this could affect what all of the NaruNozo Files I can post for you, since there's always the chance this may not be the only mature NaruNozo I write.


TO DO LIST (cause I'll do nothing unless I know what I need to do lol)

Art Trades

:bulletorange: Koyra-Himiko - sketched
:bulletblack: fireaangel - Need to..find out what she wants haha |D;

If I forgot anybody please let me brain is dead Dx


:bulletorange: Halloween NaruNozo pic!
:bulletblack:Update Nozomi's bio / make new ref sheet

Fics in the Works
:bulletorange: Shadow of the Beast (Writing general story outline, need to break into chapters)


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Yo, the name's Heather. Chances are you know me somewhere under a different nickname - I have more than I can count xD

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