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Hey everybody!  It's been a long time since I posted anything here, haha...not sure how exactly to get started here cause I'm running on little sleep right now so bear with me if this is repetitive at all. XD

So first of all, I hope everybody is having a happy 4th of July!  This is a day to rejoice in our freedom and remember the ones who've made such a thing possible for our country.  Have fun, be smart and take care if you have pets and are doing fireworks!  I'm seriously so excited, this will be the first year my son is actually going to be interested in the fireworks and if his reaction to the early birds shooting them off in our neighborhood is anything to go by this is gonna be real fun. =)

And now comes the part where I attempt to explain my absence from the internet lately.  It's two key reasons. 
First of all, I recall that in my last journal I mentioned a job that could bring in tons of income.  Please, if I messaged you about that forget about it and forgive me for even bringing it up.  It blew up in my face as most work from home jobs have.  I got a little over a week into the program before I realized that it was costing me more money to keep it and I wasn't making ANYTHING from my efforts.  Not long after, I got a call back from a job I'd applied for and well...two interviews later I had the job, praise God!  I am now your newest Retail Sales Associate at Ross Stores! 

I wanted to say something sooner but I was hesitant to say anything right away with the kinda luck I've had in the working world. That is not a problem now though, because as of the 1st this month I passed my probation so I feel more secure in my job!  It's been a crazy 3 months learning the ropes of my position and I've had some hard times but I feel I am growing as a person and I can share the love of God just by giving a smile and a positive word at work. ^_^

Now, if work wasn't enough to keep me too busy for the computer, something else happened.  My son busted my laptop.  Totally popped a bunch of keys off the keyboard and the whole thing overheated and ragequit on me if it was on over 15 minutes. ><  I tried to post and stuff from my phone (especially cause I'm still trying to write the NaruNozo Files update I promised) but it got so tedious and combined with constantly doing a closing shift at work my eyes were just too tired. 

Thankfully, I was able to get a replacement laptop yesterday and once I get a few more things moved over I'm hoping to get the ball rolling.  Work on NaruNozo Files, reply to comments and RP, maybe even some *gasp!!!* ART?!  I just need some ideas and motivation.  And maybe some energy.  That would probably be good....I don't get a lotta sleep some days and I've always gotta be somewhere Mon-Thurs whether it's work or Tae Kwon Do (which is going well also, I'm almost ready to test for the first intermediate level!). XD  BUT SERIOUSLY GUYS message me - (just bear with my slowness XD) I MISS my friends and I'm so lonely these days, surrounded by coworkers who joke in Spanish! ^^; 

Lol and to add to my list of things to do I have a 2 year old birthday party to plan...anybody know where I can get a Sheriff Callie's Wild West table centerpiece? XD

...Lol that was longer than I thought it would be...but uh...yeah.

TL;DR: I am working now but still gonna try to get online now that I've gotten abetter laptop. Art ideas, rps, anything to encourage me to be creative would be MUCH appreciated.  Love ya all! :blowkiss:
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Hey!  Some of you may be wondering where my fourth February art challenge is, right?  Well.....So am I.  I may have to submit it along with the next week's challenge...we'll see. XD;;  My life got all messed up this week when Monday night my husband and son both woke up sick.  Praise the Lord my son was fine the next day but my hubby was still kinda off his feet for a day...and by the time I got him better...well, wouldn't you know I caught the stupid flu bug myself!  And just days before my next testing in Taekwondo!  By God's great mercy I was able to overcome the sickness in time to start recovering, and the following day I went to my testing and passed!  So once I pass probation next week I will have a new, purple belt! =D 

But yeah.  Sickness and studying for that test has kept me VERY busy, which means I also haven't written very much...but hey, I haven't forgotten about it!  I'm just very busy and as of right now, VERY focused on a cool new project I just started.  I'm actually looking for people who want to make an extra $750 this month so let me know if you're interested and I'll send you some info!


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Yo, the name's Heather. Chances are you know me somewhere under a different nickname - I have more than I can count xD

I like to draw lots of things, though I typically prefer anime....mostly I draw my OCxcanon pairs or Pokemon. I also write poetry and stuff from time to time, though it depends on my mood. I'm kinda random art-wise, but I like the spontaneous-ness of it all ^_^
I'm always open to making new friends so don't be shy to comment me =3

I don't do requests. You can Commission me if you want me to make you something...just note me and depending on what you want we'll work out a price~

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